Voucher and Gift Card Terms and Conditions

In addition to our General Terms and Conditions, the following applies to vouchers and gift cards purchased from Landmarks Great Deals.

Vouchers and gift carts are non-returnable and not for resale. They are non-refundable for cash.

Not for promotional use. Vouchers and gifts cards may be used as personal or business gifts, but they may not used in connection with any advertising, marketing, or promotional activities (including without limitation via websites, Internet advertisements, email, telemarketing, direct mail, newspaper and magazine advertisements, and radio and television broadcasts).

If you wish to order more than 100 vouchers or gift cards, please call our head office at 410-263-1722 or send us a message.

Lost or stolen gift cards will not be replaced.

Governing Law. When you purchase, receive, or redeem a voucher or gift card purchased from Landmarks Great Deals, you agree that the laws of the state of Maryland shall govern these terms and conditions.